Saturday, December 3, 2011

Decking our halls for the holiday's.....

Wow, has is really been a month since my last post?  Time is sure getting away from me.  I/we have been really busy.  Always something that needs to get done.  We are in the middle of a big project for the kids.  We are moving what seems like the whole house around to accommodate the older boys having their own rooms.  But, that is another post for another time.  Well, tis the season  that the Christmas elves come and make a mess of the house for the holiday's.  Thought I would show their progress thus far.
                 Thought I would start off with a nice picture then show you all the real mess..

                            Why does Christmas decoration have to take up so much space?

See my lanterns on the bench?  I got those from a store here in Utah called RC Willey for, wait for it, $10.00...  Yep you read that right.  $10 for all THREE.  I love them.
See I told you it is a mess..  Cleaning up after these Christmas elves is my top priority right now.
They did happen to get the tree up in the living room.  PLEASE ignore the half covered wing back chairs.  They are still a work in really bad progress.  My sewing machine is still broken so I am trying to cover them at little expense as possible until either I get a new machine or mine fixed OR I go buy new slip covers from Sure fit.  We shall wait and see.  Anyhoo,  to the rest of the pictures.  This next one is actually very promising.

The snowmen will be finding another home.  Just needed to get them up off the floor so the dog does not chew them up.  Still working on that with him.  See the table in the left corner?  That is the table from this post.

Here is a better view of the start of our holiday decorating.  This table was the only thing decorated for like a week until the elves decided to come and help out.  I love its' simplicity.

 We also had a little help from Rocco.    Thanks for coming.  Have a great weekend and enjoy getting your house ready for the holiday's.  :O)


  1. I love your lanterns...won't mind a set for myself...hint hint!!! and I love your wall with the kids pictures!!! all is looking good..keep it up...

  2. We have the same cloche! My stand for it is a bit shorter though, I cant seem to fit as many ornaments in there as you, we have the same ones in there except i have the red gold and green and some fake snow in there too (which should make for a fun time when cleaning it up LOL)
    I cant wait to see everything all decorated!:)