Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas came early....

 Well, that is what it seems like.  This is what we have woken up to TWICE this week. This kids had fun shoveling the drive way.  Their enthusiasm will end when the snow stays and just keeps falling.

 But, we did get an early Christmas present (or president as Jordan says).  Meet the new addition to out family...
 This is Rocco.  Is he not just the cutest?  I just love the different colored eyes.  It makes him that much more special.
                                                                  Oh, he is a doll.
 He made fast friends with Nate.  Which if you know Nate that is extremely easy to do...  Especially if you are a Boston Terrier.  They are Nate's favorite.  He now has 3 to spread his love around to  (my parents are the proud owners of the other two).
                                Cameron is a little scared of dogs but we will get him over it.
                                           I think he is the perfect addition to our family. 
                           So do you have any exciting  Christmas presents planned this year?

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