Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorite Room Re-do!

The Lettered Cottage is having a favorite Room Re-do party today and I thought I should join in.. Mine so far this year... The master bedroom... I know it is not quite finished yet but, the transformation thus far is wonderful and I am in L.O.V.E. with it...

Here is the before.. I know, sorry it is a bad picture... Could not find the one I wanted so this will have to do.. This was right before we moved to Michigan in Dec 2008.
Next is when we moved back to Utah in June 2010.
And here it is today...

It really is turning out wonderful... Just takes some time and lots of $$$. But I am working on that... Trying to do it on a super small budget... So far so good...
Hope you enjoyed this little re-do... I know we are... Have a great New Years and be safe!!


  1. It looks incredible! I am loving the headboard and foot board! Margo, you sure are talented! Keep posting your home makeovers! I need all of the ideas I can get!

  2. Love your wall color! What a soothing retreat.

  3. Great job. It looks beautiful!

  4. Awesome job! What is your wall color?