Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chatting with my bestie + ReStore = ?

What happens when you visit the Habitat for Humanity ReStore? Well, in my case you end up with this.... A five gallon bucket of paint.... In the perfect color ( I wanted a blue/grey) that you and your bestie were just talking about in the car on the way to the ReStore.... But, check out the price...
Your eyes are not deceiving you it does say $20... YEAH!!! And it was....

Practically full..... SCORE!! Just saved me like $100... Lovin it!!! Doin my little happy dance now..... :O)
So what does it lead to.... A whole master bed room make over.... :O) And, no it does not take 5 gallons to paint my bedroom.. I have plans for the left over paint.... :O)

So the paint went up and I am lovin it even more... I knew I wanted to do something unexpected in this room but what? I saw a post on the Jones Design Company blog that I just loved about painted wallpaper... So I had to do it..

I down loaded the same pattern she used and went to town... It does take quite a while to trace but the out come it worth it...

I know it is hard to see the pattern on the wall but trust me it is there...
Next, came the painting over the pattern... This went pretty fast...

If you notice in the bottom left corner I still have a very small section to do still... Will be getting to that as soon as I get this post finished... :O) I decided I only wanted to do one wall... The focal wall...

Here is the quarterfoil pattern up close... Don't judge if it is not perfect... I am liking it...
Remember the post I did about our new farmhouse bed? Check it out here if you do not remember... Well, I got the primer on and left it like that since we were moving... So now as soon as the weather cooperates I will be finishing up the paint on it and placing it against my new favorite wall... :O)
My bestie is helping make my NEW bed skirt.. I can hardly wait for this room to be done... So fun.. I have always seemed to leave my bedroom for last.. Why do I do that? Well not anymore... It will be the first one totally completed since moving back... YEAH ME!!! :O)
So stay tuned for the revealing of my New and Improved master bedroom (even though it is the same size as the others... Shhhhh don't tell anyone that...)
As always have a great rest of the week and a super weekend... As for me and my house... We have my oldest son's last football game and a Birthday party for my daughter.... She turned 5... Where has the time gone?

P.S. linking to my favorite parties listed on my sidebar.. Check them out... We have some very talented ladies out there....


  1. Seriously you found a perfect color at the reStore? That's so cool!

    Love the pattern on the wall. I'm doing this in my dining room.

  2. It's a blast helping out with all of your "hair-brained" ideas! I love ya!!

  3. I love this idea as well and am going to try it on my daughter's bedroom wall. It turned out great in your room!

  4. AMAZING! It looks like wallpaper - you did a great job! Very professional!

  5. It looks beautiful! I think it looks absolutely perfect! :) You did a wonderful job!

    I hope you have a good night!

    {Beautiful Nest}

  6. Just saw your link at somewhat simple, and I had to leave a comment on what a beautiful job you are doing. It looks perfect to me!

  7. I dont know how you could do that... genius! I would not have the hand to make it look so good.

    Great job!

  8. wow! This is so beautiful! I love it -- I never know if I would have the patience for that, but I am totally impressed!


  9. Wow! I am amazed that you painted that yourself! It looks GREAT! I would love to do the wall behind my bed but I'm positive I don't have the patience!