Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gotta love case lot sales....

So while we were living in Michigan there were no case lot sales... Bummer! But there was a store called Aldi's that basically had case lot sales all year round.. So that helped with our food storage.. However, when we moved back to Utah (this last June ) we had to use up a lot of our storage to condense it down for the movers... So now we are back in Utah and the case lot sales are in full swing... I stopped by Macey's today to pick up a few things and they were getting ready for their case lot sale that starts tomorrow (Sept 29th). They let me buy everything at the case lot price.. Yeah me!! So here is what I got....
Now where am I going to put it all? I was thinking the pantry in the kitchen, but.....
Yeah, does it look like I can fit any more in there? I so need to organize it... I at least know where everything is.. Not the hubs though.... When he can not find something at 3:30 IN THE MORNING he makes sure to bang everything he touches in order for me to wake up and show him... HMMM.... Organization of this pantry is in my very near future... I feel it coming... Just check out what I have to deal with...

Okay, so we do have a small cold storage in the basement under our front porch.. Did I mention it is SMALL?

So here is one of the problems with it... There are only shelves on one side of it.. See this open space? I asked the hubs to help me make some shelves to put there so we can utilize the space..

This is all of the floor space in there... I went to A Fresh Market and bought 50 boxes of cereal last week. They had a great sale on Life cereal.. My kids favorite of all time... so I stocked up and put them in the see through storage totes..

Here are the only shelves in the cold storage. They are packed with you guessed it... Apricot jam that I canned last month before leaving for Texas.. And other goodness that I canned (and my mom)last year and some this year... Like the tomatoes the hubs bought at the scout auction and I had NO TIME to can but had to do it anyways... Like at 8:30 P.M. , boy was that a fun night..

You can see some of the tomatoes on the right side of the picture. They did turn out nice.. We even had as little left over that would not have been enough for another batch so we got them all ready for homemade creamy tomato soup.. It is the 4B's recipe.. Talk about YUMM-O!!!

Now back to where to put all that case lot stuff... I do have a storage tote for pasta that was only half full so in went the mac-n-cheese... Can I get anymore in there?

Nope that looks pretty full to me... At least the lid stays on tight... LOL

So until the shelves get made this is how the cold storage will have to look... Not too bad... It is kind of organized..

Thanks for reading and letting me banter on... As always, have a wonderful week.... :O)


  1. We have an Aldi here but I never knew they did case lot sales! I hope mine has one soon.

  2. ...not to mention all the awaiting projects on your back porch...and the sidetrack of redecorating your bedroom! Slow down lady--you make me look lazy!