Monday, July 19, 2010

While I go walking...

I have to stop at all the yard sales... I found some great stuff this weekend.. I can hardly wait to utilize them in my decor... I got the spindles for a $1 each and the skinny ones for $.50 each. The basket was $2 and the white basket was FREE.. Gotta love that!
The mason jars (with the old lids/seals) were $1 each. Been looking for some since I saw Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy use them in her master bath as soap dispensers.. So clever! Sorry, I do not remember what I paid for the rest.

Now, this coffee table was my shining moment for the weekend. See I go walking every night with some friends and this past Thursday night we happened to walk by a house that was getting everything ready for a yard sale the next day. Now it was like 9:30 at night and getting dark so I had to take a quick look around and saw this beauty and asked how much... $8 was all she was asking.. "I'll take it.. Can you hold it for me until 9 am Friday?" "Sure thing." So the next morning I went and picked it up.. I have some major plans for it.. YES, painting it is on the agenda. Can you guess what color?
Have a great week. I will be linking this post to Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party over at Southern Hospitality so go on over and have a look around. Later lovelies!! :O)

P.S. I will also be linking to Coastal Charm for her Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.


  1. Margo, great buy on that coffee table. Wow, you scored on that. Thanks for joining!

  2. A coffee table is on my list to look for, you found a great deal. I love the spindles, I bought one at an antique show and thought I got a good deal but you got an amazing deal. Do you have plans for how you'll use them? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those spools are very cool, and $8!, wow that's a pretty amazing price.

  4. Our Saturday morning walks are getting to be more than "free", but we find some really great stuff strolling around town!