Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sugar over load......

*Caution:  These are "real life" everyday photos. Please ignore the mess..  AND other things..     

So today was the Hubs Birthday.  We spent the day together and had a great time while the kids were at school.  We did have the youngest with us as he does not have preschool on Thursdays.  When I asked the Hubs what he wanted for his Birthday he came up with a great easy and super fun present from the kids.  He asked if they could make his cake and decorate it themselves.  I was in.  So off to the store to get the proper ingredients.  Cake mix, check.  Frosting, check.  Frosting in cans with tips, check.  And of course candles, check.  So on to the decorating.  I divided up the cake into sections so each kid had their own section to decorate.  That way there was no fighting. ( please ignore the outlet hinging off the tile back splash.  It does not work and needs to be fixed.)
                   First up was Nate and he went a little over board with the frosting.
                                          Next up was Jordan.  She loved it.
                               Cameron thought it was great but needed a little help.
 Then there was Colby.  He had determination on his face.  He ended up writing something on the cake.  He thought he was being funny.
 Here is the end result.  Can you tell what Colby wrote?  No, well it says DUM BO..  Like I said before, he thought he was being funny.
 So here is the Diabetic Coma Cake.  One small bite of frosting was all I needed.  If you know me I do not like frosting.  Except if it is made by a friend that runs the bakery at the Allen's grocery store in Springville, Utah.  He makes the best cakes EVER!!!  Try the chocolate cake with the double fudge frosting.  It is rich but OH SO GOOD...  Just tell him I sent you and he will set you up...  :O)  (And ignore the following: 1. doorbell thingy on the hallway wall that has no cover.  I can not find it.   I think the Hubs threw it away.  2. The pin wheel that started coming apart.  3. The super UGLY dirty ceiling fan that needs to come down. On a side note I do have a replacement for it.  Just need to do the old switch-a-roo.)
 Anyways, I did get a bit off the subject.  HA HA.  Time for the Hubs to enter the picture..  Yes I did that play on words on purpose.  I tickle myself some times.  :O)  We sang to him then showed him the cake.
                                              He LOVED it. 
                  He asked the kids to help blow out the candles as he is "getting to old" for it.
                                  Everyone loves to lick the frosting off the candles.
                  He was having a little too much fun with it.   Then he posed for some pictures.

Love you babe!  Happy Birthday.  Doesn't he look good for an old man?


  1. Happy Birthday Jason...what fun and memories have been made today!! Those kids will never forget it!!!

  2. It was Jason's Bday last Thursday??