Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

I thought it was about time to show you our finished Christmas tree  that is in our living room.  I decorated this tree by myself this year.  I let the kids loose on their own trees this year.  I will show those to you starting tomorrow.  I still have one thing to get for this tree.  I ran out of the string of pearls that I just can not seem to live without every year.  So I will have to make a trip up to Hobby Lobby to get another strand.  So no judging the bottom of the tree.  So on with the show..
 I decided to use some new, old, and even older ornaments this year and make the tree I have always wanted.  My colors this year are:  turquoise, lime green, red, pearly white, soft gold, and mercury glass.  I am in L.O.V.E. with this tree this year.
 The next pictures are of the "NEW" Mercury Glass ornaments that I actually bought last year but did not use.  Bummer because they are soooooo  beautiful.  Just look for your self.

 This next picture has both new sparkly lime green and red ornaments and the red long ornament that the Hubs uncle gave us for our wedding present 14 years ago.  He is/was a florist with his own business.  He even was one of the designers for FTD.  Anyways, he would decorate Christmas trees in his shop and then gave us everything for one the trees.  Can I just say GORGEOUS.  I love them all.  You can also see the pearl white and soft gold ornaments in this picture.  I bought those during the AFTER Christmas sale at Kmart like 10 years ago.
 This turquoise bulb is also from the Hubs' uncle.  They are soooooooo  pretty.  Love the hash marks.
 These blown glass heart ornaments are the kids FAVORITE.  I got them way before I met my husband.  So they are the oldest ones we have.  I got them from the catalog LTD.  I do not know if they carry them anymore.  But I sure do love the way the lights on the tree glisten off of them.
 So there you have it.  My ADULT tree.  Hopefully you like it as much as I do.  But, if you don't that is alright because I am the one that has to look at it every day...  :O)
Come back tomorrow to see the tree that the kids did in the family room.  It is a fun one.  :O)


  1. Listen, Lady--when are you going to make your debut on Studio 5?

  2. Yeah...I'm with sure to send me the date!!! Love, Love, Love you tree...can I have it...I'll trade you your decorations for mine!!!You take the even years and I'll take the odd...hey, what a good idea!!!