Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blogging Conferences! Always a good thing....

Reading my favorite blogs was one of my greatest parts of my day.  It slowed down quite a bit this past year.  I took the time today to sit down and try and catch up on some of those most wonderful blogs that I adore!

Back in April 2012 you might remember my recap post of the Blogging Conference I went to called SNAP!2012.  It was a huge part of my joy for the year 2012.  I met so many wonderful ladies that I had been blog stocking for a year or more.  LOL  I think we all do that.  :O)  I was reading one blog today that made me remember how much fun i had at the conference and why I went to it in the first place.  I so wanted to get a ticket for SNAP! 2013 but they sold out so quickly (keeping my fingers crossed I can buy one as it gets closer).

Anyways, Michelle Lunt is one of those people that just make you feel good.  She is the creative mind behind Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust. And I had the pleasure of meeting her at SNAP!2012.  She was so sweet to talk to.  She recently wrote a post giving the "Tips for attending a Blogging Conference".  I loved every part of it.  So, I thought I would share it with you all. Just click the highlighted  texted above and enjoy!  Just make sure you do come back and visit me again. :O)

Having gone to a couple Blogging Conferences this past year has made me aware at the power we as Blogging community have.  And we are always there to help and support each other.  We are creative minds, inspirational people, instructors, and most importantly.... FRIENDS!  We have our first interaction with each other online then when we meet in person it is, well, like having magic friendships.

I encourage all of you, if given the opportunity to attend a Blogging Conference.  You will not be sorry.

Enjoy!  :O)


  1. Cute Margo! Oh my, you've made my day with this marvelous "shout-out". Thank you for popping by my blog & following. I thought I was already following from before, but had to re-do it today {that's happened to me on other blogs also}. I remember you very well from SNAP! You & Andrea were two of my favorite people that I met there. Hope to see you again. Yes, I'd LOVE a Utah bloggers get-together! Let's do it!

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

  2. I actually visited blogspot today...WOW! I noticed you have posted some advertisements on your blog, namely, Diamond Ranch Academy. They are EAGALA folks and I KNOW them! Great people. Small world.