Thursday, April 26, 2012

SNAP! Recap

It was a real last minute decision to attend SNAP this year.  I so wanted to go but the hubs was covering his shift and another shift for someone else (management-gotta love it) so time off was non-existent.  He called me late Friday night (Apr 13) and said can you still get a ticket for SNAP?  I don't think so why?  I have the time off and I think you should go and have fun....  So on twitter I was like white on rice.  Found my ticket (so sorry :O( you could not go Karen) on Monday and off to SNAP I was on Thursday.  Yeah me!  Boy did I learn A LOT!!!!!  Notes galore.  :O)  I even met some of my favorite bloggy personalities.
                                     That would be me and Shelley from The House of Smith's
 Here is Andrea from Queen B and Me, Jen from Tater tots and Jello, and Me
 The so fun girls from Mom it forward.  SHHHH don't tell them I posted this picture.
                               Me and Laura from Corner House.  She is super sweet and fun! And my new BFF!
 Ana White came and spoke.  She is so cute and tiny!  I think the hubs has a small crush on her so i had to snap a pic for him.  TEE HEE!
The girls and I having our Italian cream soda before the closing dinner/Par tay! 
And we can not forget to thank all the wonderfully talented ladies that made SNAP happen.  YOU ALL ROCK!  I can not wait til SNAP 2013.  I will be there with bells on.  Better hold me to that.  :O)

Have a great day!  :O)


  1. Margo!!! It was so much fun hanging out with you and Andrea :) I think it was fate that we were late to the first class on Thursday and ran into you guys! You are so much fun and I really hope we can get together the next time we're in Utah! Love ya!

  2. Such a blast, Margo! It was fun sitting with you! Snap2013!! ;) Kelli

  3. Hello Darling Margo, I just loved meeting you & hanging out a little bit at SNAP. I'm enjoying my visit to your beautiful blog too. We should get some Utah girls together & have lunch!

    Warmly, Michelle
    PS - My favorite fruit dip is really similar to yours except it's strawberry cream cheese & a tablespoon of orange juice. :D