Thursday, June 28, 2012

4th of July Decor

I figured it was time to show you all some of my 4th of July decor.  This happens to be from my living room.  If you follow me on Twitter than you might remember a little shopping trip I took with my daughter to some of my favorite stores (Ikea and Tia Pan Trading Co.)  These are some of the goodies that made it home with me.

 The medallions I made for a Cub Scout Pack Night.  I loved them so much I new they needed to find a home front and center.  And what better place than on the living room table.
 Speaking of the table...  Do you all remember me buying it like 2 years ago on a late night walk with my bestie?  I snagged it for $8.  I sanded it and painted it white with leftover paint.  I knew it needed something extra so I pulled out the painters tape and some more leftover yellow paint (used on my family room several years ago).  I instantly loved the stripes.  The hubs not so much.  In fact he said he hated them.  So it sat in my living room waiting for a make over.  Funny thing is.  Come New Years the hubs said he liked the stripes and I was so over them.  LOL  Well it sat there forever.  Now I am liking the stripes again.
 Doesn't the legs of the table remind you of an elephants tusk?
I do love how curvy they are though.
Well have a great summer!  I know we are.....  :O)

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