Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gotta Love Velata!

Sunday was our second childs Birthday.  He does not like cake and has now informed me that he does not like frosting either.  Good to know since I was going to give him a can of frosting instead of a cake.  Frosting WAS all he would eat at Birthday Parties.  LOL  Funny boy!!  Any ways,  While I was at SNAP! back in April this year we had the priviledge to try a product spin off from Scentsy.  It is called Velata!  It is a warmer for fondue.  They even have the best Belgium chocolate that you can order for your warmer.  The flavors are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and my all time favorite....  caramel milk chocolate.

So anyways, this is what I decided to do for his party this year.  AND it was a HUGE hit.....
It was super fun to choose the different items for dipping.  There was something for everyone and no one complained they did not get enough frosting.  I feel a tradition happening here.  Head on over to Velata to find a consultant near you.  You wont regret it!!

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