Monday, August 6, 2012

Projects here and there

So I decided to take a little break and spend some time with my family.  It sure has been nice and  we have had some fun.
 But it is about time for school to start here (in 2 weeks) so I better get in gear and start posting again.  I mean can I really expect the kids to get back in to school/homework mode if I myself can not get back into blogging?  So here I am back from a fun summer break.  :O)

I thought I would show you all some fun little (and I mean little) projects that I have been doing over the summer.
  I had painted the inside of the front door black last fall.  I love it.  But it needed something.  I had  leftover ruffles from another project and thought they would work great to make a rag wreath.

 Next, I changed out the blue Christmas ornaments that were in the cloche I made a couple years ago.
 I had gotten these green moss rocks quite a while ago so this was a no cost change-a-roo.
 If you have never gotten on Groopdealz than you are missing out.  Check out the fun personalized kitchen rules subway art I got.  It was an awesome deal.  I LOVE IT!!!  It has even helped the kids table manners.  Maybe the kids can learn to be civil at the table.  Ha ha ha.
 It is hanging in my dinning area.  I also FINALLY made the curtains for the window in the dinning area.  They match the living room curtains.  I know why did I have them match?  Because I loved the fabric.  I was thinking of doing different curtains in the dinning area but did not want to spend any more $$$$$ so I had to use the same fabric as the living room.  That is alright cuz I still like them.  Just gives it a little more of a finishing touch in there.  See...
 I had decorated the tops of my cupboards last fall and never showed you all.  I know shame on me.  I had these miss match baskets and some fake grass ( from my neighbor who worked/worked for Albertson's warehouse here in Utah) and he had all of this fake grass that he was getting rid of.  I guess they had an over abundance and was going to throw it all away and he saved it.  Then I got some.  Wish I would have gotten lots more.  Anyways,  I spray painted the baskets black to make them match and put the grass in them.  The memories sign I got from an antique store that was going out of business.  And wouldn't you know it,  the lady that owed the store and I had met via our blogs a year earlier and did not know we lived in the same town.  CRAZY I tell ya.
 I don't know?  I am wondering if I should paint the memories sign.  The finish on it right now is like galvanized metal.  What do you think?  Come on give me your input.

Another part of the cabinets is small so I needed something to fill it up with out it looking cramped.  I made the "B" blocks back when we were living in Michigan.  The egg basket I got from the Goodwill there too.  More of the grass and some fake fruit.
 Here is a better picture of the "B" blocks.
 Just another view of the top of the long cabinets.
Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you have/had a wonderful summer like we did.  As always have a great week.  :O)

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  1. looks really good!!!!! I'd say it's up to you sbout painting the memories sign...I thik it would look good i black...not that it doesn't look good now...makes me want to go home and make some changes....Mom