Monday, May 2, 2011

I {HATE} computers... Sometimes...

Have you ever had one of those weeks?  You know the one..  Nothing is going quite right,  the sun does not shine AT ALL, and it seems to never stop raining or snowing..  Yeah, one of  those weeks...  That is what my life has been like for the last TWO weeks...  Is it ever going to end? 

My loving children did something to my computer a week and a half ago so now we can not get on the Internet...  We have had some one come and  take a look but they could not even figure out what was wrong.  We have a signal but can not connect...  Children are now band from ever touching my computer again.  So here I sit at the Library using their computer.  So no pics to add to this post..  Or any other for that matter..  The Hubs is at home trying to figure out how to fix it..

At least the sun is FINALLY shining..  I hope it lasts.  I am tired of overcast weather.  Utah is definitely NOT in a drought anymore..

This will be short because I would like to visit some of my favorite blogs...  Which makes me think of some good post spot lights for in the future.. 

Have a great week and keep your fingers crossed that we can get the computer back to normal..  :O)

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  1. We are currently dealing with the exact same has been acting up and shutting down/not letting us online for almost two weeks.

    Finally broke down and brought our desktop to the computer repair shop....cuz the virus we have is a Vista security virus and won't let us do anything.

    Told the gal at the shop that I just wanted a new computer that works...she giggled and said, don't worry, we can probably fix what is wrong. But I did bring in all of our program discs, etc. and told her that maybe it was best to wipe it clean so we can start over.

    Gotta love kids....I think it was our 13 year old that managed to 'corrupt' our computer!

    Good luck and hope you're back up and running soon!