Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break, Zumba, and Lists...

Wow, it has been 10 days since my last post..  What have I been doing?  I really want to know...  It does not seem like much..  The kids are on Spring Break so I guess I have been on one too..  :O)  I have cleaned my house ( well, the kids have been helping more than usual which I think we will keep it that way!) several times..  Made a trip to the DI and gotten rid of LOTS.  Spent time with the family and read a whole book...  :O)  I also was in a 5K this month  and have been exercising my butt off...  I LOVE ZUMBA!!  No, really I do..  I HATE running but after doing Zumba for awhile now running it a lot easier..  I am getting ready to be in another 5K in May and one in June.. 

Are you a list person?  I am..  I like to see what I have to get done and cross it off when said task IS done..  I just sat down to make my new list of projects/tasks to complete and it is a lot longer than I thought it would be.  Boy, I better get going on it fast..  I have made a dead line for completion by July 1st since there are some MAJOR projects on the list...  Like a new roof! Not looking forward to that one but it needs to be done!!  I am also hoping to paint the house and the eves..  I am ready for a change..  So I hope the dead line will work in our favor..  Keep your fingers crossed that it does.. 

Now, I am off to try and get something done so I can cross it off the list..  :O)  Wish me luck!  :O)

And as always, Have a great weekend!!  :O)

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  1. and were you able to cross something off your list today???? You can add my stuff to your list too...if you want to... :o)