Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Living Room update...

                                       I have been working hard the last couple days and this is the result of my hard labor...  Sorry the pics are not great...  My camera broke and I needed a replacement quickly.  I will have to wait on getting the camera I really want a bit longer..  :O(
 This is what my living room looked like awhile back.  It was kind of a Tuscan feel.  And I loved it.  The color on the walls was from Walmart called Riverroad by Kilz.  It matched some of the thread that was in the pillows on my couch and loveseat.  But here is the Living room now.  Same corner/ front door pic.
 I am planning on painting the door.  The front/out side  of the door is black and so will the inside of the door be black too.  Very soon.  Ignore the wing back chair..  Still need to get that slipcover done.
 Now everything is not in its rightful place...  I was just so tired  of everything in the middle of the room.  So I moved it all around for now..  You can see in this pic the way we framed the window.  It helped so much with the board and batten.
 Again, ignore the other wing back chair... And all my paint supplies on the table..
 And yes, that is my china cabinet still floating in the middle of the room. I want to paint it and move it to a different spot so there it sits...  For now...
 I am planning something new for this wall that used to house the china cabinet.

Here is how we had the board and batten meet the floor.  Again, so sorry for the horrible pics...  Yuck!!
But I do like the way the b&b meets the new hard wood floor.  It looks so pretty in real life...  I better get that new camera soon so I will enjoy my pictures better..  Or figure out what is going on with this little camera first..  I like the first choice better..  :O)  Now to see if the hubs will agree..  Probably not..  :O)

It is now time to go couch shopping...  I know what I want but it is always a struggle to get the hubs on board.  But, when I get my way he always likes it in the end..  :O)  Yeah me!!

Hope you all have a great week...  Hope you weather is nicer than ours..  Saturday was 74 degrees and then we woke up to 6 inches of snow on Sunday...  It has been cold ever since...  Not liking it at all...  :O(


  1. It's always hard to get the hubbs to have the visions we have when it comes to decorating...Your living room looks so the new wall look!!!!

  2. Walah!!! It looks beautiful!

  3. I love what you have done its so pretty!