Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back up and running...

I mean blogging...  :O)  We thought we had gotten the computer working again and was able to use it for about a day then it crashed...  BIG TIME!! 

We decided to head out and check out some new computers just in case..  Found one we like and ended up getting it..  Luckily the old one still has 3 weeks left on the extended warranty so we will be taking it in to get fixed and that can be the kids computer...

So if they happen to TOUCH my NEW computer it is off with their hands...  J/K!!  (kind of)

So hopefully I will have a great post for you tomorrow...  I have several  that I want to do...  So much to catch up on...  :O) 

Until then ladies...  Have a great weekend...  :O)

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