Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduation Day!

Well, it finally came..  My little girl graduated from Preschool...  She is getting so big.. 
 Her graduation program was great.  We laughed A LOT.  Each graduate had to do a solo song/nursery rhyme.  They did great. 

 Jordan wanted to sing "Mary had a little lamb"  and do a little dance called "Step Step"...  She had been practicing for weeks.  Singing all day every day..  Like she was an opera singer..  No seriously..  She sang like an opera singer..  The boys were so sick of hearing her sing they would not go to her graduation.   When it was her turn to sing she was super shy and kept singing "Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little,lamb" over and over..  No other words escaped her mouth.  It was a riot.. :O)
 Oops..  Forgot to turn this picture..  my bad...
 Here she is with her teacher Mrs.Alesha...  She is the greatest...
 Walking in line to receive her diploma..
 Out door after shots..
 She was so happy to say that she is now in KINDERGARTEN...
 Oops,  forgot these too..  My bad again...
Taking a bow..  Thank you and please come again... :O)

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  1. Too Cute!!!! What memories!!!!

    Meme (Grandma)