Thursday, June 30, 2011

What have we been up to... The roof!

( I am apologizing for the horrible pictures in advance..  I hate this camera and can not wait to get a new one..  Hopefully soon like for our anniversary or my birthday...  They are only 2 weeks apart so I will accept the camera for both.. Like the hubs even reads this blog...  LOL ) 

So I told you that we had a huge wind storm that took off about a third of our shingles from the roof.  The insurance company came through and paid for  the repair.  We just had to provide the labor...  With out even asking, the day after everything was delivered for the new roof there were a bunch of men from our church on my roof waiting to help..  Have I ever told you how much I love being back in Utah and how much I love our church ward..  We may not be a rich ward but we are a ward that knows how to help and when to help.  These guys are AWESOME!!!
 The men just kept coming and climbing up the ladder..  No complaints, just a "Pay is forward".  That is the kind of people we have in our neighborhood...  Are you jealous?  I will share them if you move here...  You would not regret it in the least... 

 They were almost done here..
 It only took one day to do the roof...  I took it on myself to feed them and keep them hydrated..  Least I could do...
Thanks again everyone for spending your Saturday with us on  our roof.  It is pain staking  work and you will be so very blessed for your willingness to help others..  I know that the hubs and our oldest are willing and able to help the next one in need...  Especially with a roofing project...  We are on the look out...  :O)

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