Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do you always get what you ask for?

Okay, so I promised I would show you all what the Hubs got me for Valentines Day.... The typical dozen roses... I love white roses... :O) And TWO Nickelback CDs.. Yeah!! There is a third one but I can wait on that... I guess he figured I really liked Nickelback since I am always playing them on the laptop in my craft room while sewing... :O) That and I told him I wanted them... LOL What a good hubby!!

These next pictures are from last night... I had put everyone to bed and thought they all had fallen asleep.... But I was WRONG!!! When I walked up stairs to go to bed this is what I found...
Yes, that is the 3 year old.. Still up... And eating... He got himself a cup of water and a bowl of left over spaghetti... Then proceeded to eat...

Do you think he gave himself enough spaghetti?

He was so happy with himself... Love that little man!! Check out the stamps on his face... He and his sister got them from the dentist yesterday as their prize for a good check up and them they proceeded to stamp their faces.... Luckily they do wash off very easily...
Have a great day!! Until next time.... :O)

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