Thursday, February 17, 2011

Room redo on a VERY tight budget!!!

Since moving back to Utah from Michigan and into our old house I have been trying to update it on a very tight budget... VERY TIGHT mind you....Last October (during General Conference, yes I watched every session) started my painting craze... I started with the master bedroom makeover and to date have spent around $150. Not bad.. That even included new bedding.. :O)

Next up was my daughters room... I painted it this periwinkle while I was preggers with her. It matched her bedding and was exactly what I wanted then.. Well not any more... Sorry picture taken after I started to prime the walls.. I had the primer in my stash!! Yeah! So cost was $0...
It's a little bright and in your face...

So I decided to check out my paint stash and see what I had.. I did not want to spend any money on it.. I know lame... But I did find my 5 gallon bucket of Glidden Sand White paint. Love this paint. It looks different with the way the light hits it.. Sometimes it is grey and others it is a light tan. I used it for the bathrooms and the downstairs bedroom and my craft room and the hallway down stairs.. LOVE IT!! Now that was also like 3-4 years ago.. So to say the least there was not much left in the bucket... It had just enough to do her room.. :O)

This is my start at organizing her closet.. More on that later..

Doesn't that look so much calmer? I love the contrast against the new hardwood floors. Just need to put up the base boards.... STILL.... Hopefully that will be soon...

The transition is so much smoother now.. :O) To date I have only spent about $12 on her room make over.. I even found new curtains at a steal of a deal. Need to put those up now...

I have not decided if I will leave her bed in this nook. But for now it stays.. Don't you just love the denim quilt? My mom made it for her 5Th birthday... She is so wonderful... Thanks mom!! :O)

I still have some things to do in this room. It is just taking me longer than planned..

Now, way back when (last fall to be precise) I mentioned I had found the most exciting treasure at the DI... I know exactly what I want to do with it.. Just need to work up the courage to get it done... But here is a little look at the so called treasure...

Aren't you just in love with it? I knew I had to have it... I was standing in line to pay and saw it in a cart at the checkout and just kept eye -balling it. So when I got up close enough I mention how cute it was and the cashier said the customer changed her mind and it was going back on the shelf unless I wanted it... DING DING DING!!! No price tag so I asked how much and the cashier said $3. YES!!! It was mine!!! Do you blame me?

Do you have any guess as to what I am planning on doing with it? Let me know what your guess is....
As always have a great day!! :O)


  1. You have been a busy gal! I bet Jordan has calm sweet dreams!

  2. Cute--I know I'd be hanging it somewhere fabulous. Thanks for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  3. That is so gorgeous. It is so going to be a light shade.