Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little changes to the blog...

If you have not noticed yet... I changed the tile of my blog to... {Living in Blue}... I think this is a much catchier (is that even a word?) title.. You still need to use the Bluefamilyscene URL when linking to my blog but other wise here's to the new title... :O)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are prepping for Christmas... I know I am... I have lots to show you when I get the chance... :O)

Until next time... Have a great one!! :O)


  1. ok...really been out of the loop! Love the new look of the blog. AND YOU MOVED! so did we...but not back to UTAH! lucky! (in my best Napoleon Dynomite voice) I've missed our little chats with you my crafty cousin! I promise to be more on the ball now that the moving fog has lifted! Hopefully we'll be able to come out to Utah after Christmas (crossing my fingers) and I'll be sure to bring my camera along for that long promised family picture for you guys!

  2. Get busy, lady so you can post all of your cute Christmas decor!! JK---I know you are very busy and the little projects keep you sane from the insane. Love ya!