Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review and updates...

Alright ladies, I know it has been a month since my last post... Honestly I have not forgotten you all.. Just had a very busy month and had to put blogging on the back burner for awhile... I am so sorry.... I sure have missed you all.... I found my pictures from before I left for Texas... Here is my pretty apricot jam... It is soooo Yummy!!!
While I was making all of this the day before we left for Texas....

The hubs and our oldest were bringing in the wood floor.... YEAH!!

Such hard workers they are.... Thanks boys!!! :O)
So the hubs started working on the putting in the wood floor after I gave him my little motivation speech... See here for said speech...

He worked for a whole week putting it in... Did I mention that we got enough for our ENTIRE main floor of our house? Yeah, that is like 1000 square feet...

It was a very looooong week.... But well worth it!!! Just take a look for yourself...

This is my daughters room... She wanted to be in the picture but did not want to show her face... That's a first.... LOL

Isn't it purdy? I just love it... We still have to put up the new base boards and hang the doors back up.. But the floor is DONE!!!!!

On the last day of laying the floors I had Wes from Artistic Marble and Granite come in to install my new GRANITE counter tops.... Yeah you heard me... GRANITE!!!

He is such a great guy and does awesome work... I am in love with my new granite counter tops... I keep petting them every time I walk past them... LOL

I got the Ubber Tubber... Love that name... It looks black but has specks of green and gold in it along with the black... It is Gorgeous!!! Oh, and I got a new under mounted sink... Now that is pure joy!! :O)

I will be posting more of this little remodel tomorrow.... Just some touches I have done... Still lots more to go... Until then ladies... Have a great week!! :O)

P.S. I will be linking to the Wednesday parties. Check out my side bar under the parties for some great blogs.... :O)


  1. Oh so SUPER jealous of the floor. It is beautiful. I keep trying to convince my hubby we need wood flooring. The sink and countertops are beauties too.
    I look forward to seeing the finished product, just wish it was mine.
    April @

  2. LOVE your floors! My husband installed wood floors in our home last year--I know how labor intensive they really are! So jealous of your granite counter tops. That's next on our list! Love your blog! Found you via BCD link party!