Monday, July 5, 2010

Comforts of home!

It is always so much nicer to sleep in your own bed.... Right? My little ones think it is even better to watch TV in my bed. I can not blame them.. It is not like I have had the time to unpack their toys yet... Here is how the house has been looking lately... Boxes everywhere...

I did manage to get my new Stainless steel appliances though!! LOVE them!!! :O)

We had to reconfigure the top cabinets because the fridge is larger than the one we used before. But I don't mind.. In fact, I like it much better this way..

We did have to order a new base cabinet since the old one is a tad too big.. See we put new cabinets in 6 years ago. Natural Hickory.... I LOVE THEM!!!! The company is still in business and still makes the same cabinets so score!!

I have been painting. Good bye green.... So far the kitchen, hallway, and living room are almost done. We had to pull the carpet up in all the rooms and are expecting our REAL wood flooring to be delivered on Friday... So I better get the painting done... Have a great one!! :O)


  1. I am glad you made it. It sounds like you have alot of work to do, but it sounds like it is "FUN" work. I love seeing the befores and afters.

  2. Just thinking...hummm..can't think of anything..other than I'm sure glad you're home!!! yeah, you've got some work ahead of you but you are going to really enjoy the changes...can't wait to see them in september...

  3. Slow down, lady!! Let's go for a walk :)