Friday, April 23, 2010

Have you....?

So have you stopped and smelled the roses lately? I bet the answer is no since they are not blooming yet. Well, I did... We made our bi-weekly trip to Sam's club and these lovely beauties are what the hubs slid into the cart. Just because....Well, kind of. We were relaxing and talking one night and I started to rub his feet and he was in heaven... He then told me he was going to buy me something...."A chainsaw?" was my response which made him laugh and from then on we were reciting one of our most favorite movies... Multiplicity... If you have not seen it go rent it. It is sooooooooooo funny!!!
On a more serious note...Look at those colors. Green, yellow, orange, and red. Just looking at them makes you feel all warm inside and happy. I decided to use them for another center piece on our table.

I like them there but something was missing.... But what?

Ah, much better. I found some black grosgrain ribbon and sewed a thinner black/white check grosgrain ribbon on top and made a bow.

You likey? I do. Hope you all have a wonderful week. See what you can do to get your hubby to buy you something unexpected this week....Like a chainsaw... LOL :O)


  1. Visiting from New Friend Friday, and loving the roses! They're so beautiful and the colors are astounding. What a good hubby to pick up roses and NOT a chainsaw! ;-)

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  3. Wow...I am lovin' the colors in those roses! Thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday!

    Finding Fabulous

  4. I love Multiplicity, too!! Wow, the roses are stunning!!! It gives me a bit of spring fever after 6 inches of snow today in Colorado! :) Stopping by from new Friend Friday... love your blog!


  5. your roses are quite lovely, margo ... and of course, extra special because your sweet hubby bought them for you!

    i can't imagine what you'd get if you gave him more than a foot rub! heh heh

    i am indeed taking time to smell the roses ... mine are blooming up a storm and they are gorgeous!

    great post!

    terry lee

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  7. Beautiful center piece! What a sweet hubby you have!!! I'm still chuckling about the chainsaw. Multiplicity is a great show!! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Hi Margo ..thanks for stopping by on Friday returning the bloggy love right back ..

    i think its incredibly sweet of your hubby to get you such lovely roses ..anything and everything seems worthwhile when you get such unexpected gifts ..dont ya agree ? Plus it keeps the romance alive too ;)
    and you have a lovely blog too def goin to stay awhile ..

  9. Pretty flowers!

    And I like the movie Multiplicity too!

    Thanks for sharing your post for Friday Favorites!