Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Progress?

Well, I have been in a sort of project hiatus this week. Lots to do but did not finish anything... I have been very busy taking care of 4 kids, cooking, cleaning, Young Women's, kids homework, and everything else... Did I mention that I am the YW President and have NO counselors or adviser's so it is just me doing all the activities and lessons... I get stressed by it often... While the older two boys are at school I have been trying to tackle a few projects in between entertaining the 4 yr old and 2 yr old... Here are a few.... Tackling the playroom/sun room. I have been working on this room for 2 weeks... I got rid of 3 garbage bags full of old toys and stuff animals. This picture looks messy but, in fact it was much worst. Hoping to get this done over the weekend...
I am tired of walking on toys... My motto for birthday's and Christmas will soon be "Please just send $$ for the kids savings accounts..." Got to pay for their missions and college somehow... :O)

I have been doing A LOT of these....... (I could not stand it so I cleaned the dishes right after this picture was taken... Do you feel lucky that you got to see it?)

And this is a never ending process at my house... In fact I put another load in the wash after this picture..... Now I need to go put those clothes away.... dread dread dread.... Maybe I will wait till the boys get home from school and make them do it? Now that is a thought..... :O)

I have been working on this "little" project that is turning out to be not little at all... It is a binder for ALL my recipes... I am also working on setting up a family recipe blog for my side of the family... I am REAL excited about that. Can not wait til it is done and everyone starts entering in their favorite recipes... Yum Yum Yum!! :O)
Also in the picture is my sewing machine that needed a break since I have been sewing up a storm... I have been making baby presents like crazy.. Just need to finish up some for my sis-in-law who is due in June.... Yeah Brindee!!! :O)

And finally, I have been painting our new bed that the hubs built. It took him just a few hour over 2 nights. He is so good... But my job is the painting... Now these pictures are just showing the priming that I have been doing.. Just finished that this morning... Why is it taking me so long you ask? Did I mention that I have 4 kids.... 2 still at home during the day that I have to keep busy and quiet since the hubs works nights? And I am the YW President with NO counselors or adviser's...

It is just a fact that I live with EVERYDAY!!! But, I love every minute of it.. Even if you do not hear me "Say it" "Out loud".... Okay, my little chick-a-dees I know you all know that movie quote... Tell you what.... I will put a little something together to mail out for 2 lucky ladies that can tell me the movie, character name, and the actor that said it. Come on ladies do not let me down....... I know you know it.... So leave me a comment. I will randomly pick and post the winners on Friday!!! This should be fun... My first drawing.... I am so giddy!!! :O) Until then! Have a great week....


  1. WC Fields said it. He played Cuthbert J. Twillie in "My Little Chickadee:

    Your bed will be gorgeous!

    So why don't you have any counselors or advisers? That is a HUGE job to tackle alone.

  2. Keep it up, honey! You're still making me look bad because I have not had any projects for a very long time!!! But I am gearing up for planting the garden and making a really great watering system for it.

  3. you're like your mother...way too many irons in the fire...but times a ticking...every minute counts...make sure yours count if I need to tell you of all people!!!remember to always keep smiling with those smiley eyes of yours!!! Love you as if you were my own daughter....oh are mine...I'm so proud of

  4. Wow, I don't know how you do it all. Makes me tired just reading it.

  5. Great job on the farmhouse bed! I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to make it for ours we currently have nothing!

  6. I knew it was WC Fields but then I cheated to look at the rest. Life happens and when it isn't busy I am thinking I am going to be dead. Thanks for linking up!

  7. WOW you are busy! : ) But your head board looks great! :)

  8. You are a busy gal! The headboard is looking great.

    Thanks for sharing at My Backyard Eden!

  9. Wow.. what a talented hubby! Can't wait to see it finished.

  10. Your bed looks amazing! I can't believe you even had time to prime it in the mist of all you have going on! And your Calling w/o councilors? That is just ridiculous! I hope you don't have too many girls under your wing b/c some Wards can have dozens! Do you at least have Advisers to tackle each level? I hope so! That Calling is a crazy amount of work - and to do it alone while you are raising 4 kids?! Wow, you deserve a badge just for that.

    Thanks for Hookin' Up with me at my first party!