Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movie night consessions

Thought I would show all of you wonderful ladies what I have been up to today... Besides baking bread. LOL Tonight is our joint activity for the youth and I am in charge. I wanted to show some of the DVD for our new theme for 2010. I knew right away that treats would be in high demand if they were watching a movie. So away I went. I made up these sour cream containers (you know the ones from Wendy's) to put candy in. I thought you all might like to see how they are made if you are not familiar with them. So here goes. I took 12x12 sheets of scrapbook paper and cut them to be (4) 6x6 sheets.

Next, run a strip of double sided tape along one side.

Roll the opposite side of the paper towards the taped side and keep rolling to make the tape stick.

You should now have a cylinder like below.

Use your double sided tape again and tape one end of the cylinder.

Pinch it closed. Make sure that the corners are sealed closed.

Now run the sealed end through a crinkler thingy.. Yes that is the real name of it at my house. But, make sure to only go up about an inch.

See how the end looks like it was done in a factory on a big machine. Yes it is very professional looking.. Aren't we all just so happy.... :O)

When all the cylinders are sealed and crinkled fill them with what ever treat you would like. Since we are watching a DVD I decided movie treats were in order. So licorice bites, gummy bears, and chocolate were on the menu.

Make sure to leave enough room at the top so you can close that end too.

Once filled it is time to seal the opened end. Use your double sided tape again and pinch closed
in the opposite direction. So it will look like a kind of triangle. Does that make sense?

Run it through the crinkler thingy again and you are done!!!

Here are all of mine done. So pretty. :O) Here is my basket filled with popcorn containers purchased at Target in the dollar section and of course the popcorn itself. If you look closely you will notice some shiny silver key chains. I made all the youth washer key chains that say "BE STRONG" on them. I hope they like them.

Okay, I am all packed up and ready to head out.... Oh yeah, it does not start until 7:30. Guess I will just have to go finish priming my bed.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time... Have a great one! :O)


  1. Great idea! I've made the sour cream containers before, but I forgot all about them. Great for movie nights! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is such a fun idea. My boys would love it!

  3. cute, cute, cute margo!! love this idea! i would've just let them eat chips out of the bag. you're so creative!

    terry lee

  4. Great bags! We have a birthday party coming here and they'd be perfect - no spills on the way home;)

  5. Love these! I want a "crinkly thing". Too much potential fun.

  6. What a great idea! Sounds like the makings of a great activity!

  7. Those treat holders are too cute! I love it! :)

  8. what a great idea. must remember this for next party.

  9. Where does one get a "crinkler thingy"?

  10. LOVE THIS!! Simply adorable! Would love to have you stop by the Sunday Showcase Party. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I so need a crinkly thing....Where do you get them?? =)

  11. I have seen the "crinkler thingy" at Robert's Crafts, Micharls, and possibly Hobby Lobby. Use a coupon when you go to buy it. They are not cheap but well worth it... My kids love to use it on everything.... :O)

  12. ah how cute! and now I know what to use my paper crimper for.

  13. These are fun--I used to make them many years ago, but forgot about them so I am glad you shared them. I never crimped them either--love that addition!

  14. WOW I just love these! I can think of so many occassions and so many uses for these. What the heck is the crinkler thingy and why haven't I ever seen one ? lol
    I would really like a crinkler thingy.
    Thanks for your visit today and your lovely comment!

  15. Cute idea! I love all the colorful papers with the treats tucked inside.

  16. What a great idea! I really love it. super fun with the fancy papers.

  17. How thoughtful of you to work so hard to make a special night for your youth! I have never seen a box in that shape actually... My boys would like this just for something fun at home :) Thanks for sharing! :)