Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Buys, Birthdays, and Parades!!

Well, alot has been going on this last week... Jordan had her 4th birthday on sunday (Oct 4) and she had fun. We made candy necklesses and cupcakes. All were a big hit with the kids.

Thursday Colby was in the Fall Festival Parade.. Would you like to see pics? Yah so would I. But my batteries in my camera went dead right when Colbys' float came by. His whole football team got to ride on the float. They loved the attention.

I have been trying out the couponing thing and this was my buy for today:


Snow White DVD/Blueray Diamond Pack $19.96
(2) Glade candles 4.9 oz $3.50 each
Sarah Lee deli sliced honey turkey $3.98
Push up pop $.56

Total after tax would have been $33.12

What I used:
$10.00 printable coupon for the Snow white DVD (check out SnowWhiteOffer.com) makes it $9.96
(2) $3.50 printable coupons off Glade candle makes them FREE
$3.oo printable coupon off Sarah Lee sliced deli meats (become a fan on facebook to get one) makes it $.98

Total with tax after coupons: $13.12

Not too bad if I do say so myself...and I do.....:o)

Happy couponing and have a great Fall.....

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  1. I can't quite get the couponing thing down. But I'll have to try the Snow White deal!