Friday, April 6, 2012

The wheels on the truck go......

I just love it when the UPS truck stops in front of my house.  Today he brought me something so fun. Take a look.
 I found this lovely on a site called  And at a great price.  Only $8.oo plus shipping.
 Aren't the little milk jugs soooooo stinkin cute?

And what about those handles.  I love how it is rustic but not to overly done.  Now the big question.  Where to put it?  I have so many ideas. 

Well, we start Spring Break this afternoon and it decided to SNOW/HAIL.  What is with that?  I hope it changes back to sunny weather soon.  I wanted to start painting the outside of the house this weekend.  I even picked out 2 colors to choose from.  ARGH!!  Wish me luck.  And have a great one!  :O)


  1. I really wish you did not post that website I am in LOVE!!! They have the cutest stuff!!