Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project time!

So we went away for the weekend to Steamboat Springs. Have a blast and now it is back to reality.. The sun is shining and it is feeling like spring is coming... Yeah!! So that puts me into project mode. I have decided to dedicate the Spring time to finishing my living room. You see, it has looked like this since September minus the table and chairs. I added them after the Christmas tree was taken down. I got the wing back chairs off of KSL for $50.. That is for both chairs..... SCORE!! I got the table at DI.. Boy is that a story.. I had been looking for a table like this and the wind back chairs for the family room. I had them down there for a while then mover them up to the living room.. Any hoo, I found the table at DI and it was $50. I did not buy it.. Why you ask? I said it was too much.. It kept bugging me and I waited 2 weeks then went back hoping it was still there... It was AND it was marked down to $35 dollars... So I bought it... That is all the furniture in here except for a table housing the computer and a china cabinet. Not much and not enough room for more that 3 people to sit. So my goal is to find a couch, love seat, a chair what ever I can on our budget and get this room done. I have some plans to add some architectural detail in here. Can not wait for that. Hope to get to it soon. But for now my project is to slipcover those wing back chairs.
See, not bad chairs just ugly dusty rose fabric. NOT my style...I decided to try my hand at making my own slipcover for the chairs so I am kind of practicing with some drop clothes that I had. Did not want to buy the fabric until I was more comfortable with making the slipcovers. So here goes... I will not be telling you what I did. But I will show you the pics I took along the way. :O)

Now I just need to go and sew it all together. Wish me luck.... :O)

Here is a side by side. Hope it all turns out alright..
P.S. I did not have enough drop clothe for the cushion so that is sitting on the floor waiting for inspiration or more fabric... Who knows... :O) I will be back later to show what it looks like after I sew it... EEK!!

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