Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a what?

Well, woke up this morning and started to get the kids ready for school... Started to pack their lunches and the phone rang... Who is calling at 7:30 am? The hubs.... Guess what? School has been canceled... What? But, it is the last day of school for 2010!!! They have to go!! I NEED them to go!!! I have things to do that require them to be GONE!!! Oh well!! So I looked out side and this is what I saw... ARE WE BACK IN MICHIGAN? That is my walnut tree!!!
Crazy!!! But, oh so beautiful!!

Now the trash cans were not covered last night... Look how high that snow got... It is at least 12 inches maybe more..

Here is my driveway which was shoveled last night... Can you see that round thing with all the snow on it? I know dumb question... That is my wine barrel flower pot... It is like about 24 inches high... Now we did pile snow by it and now it is barely visible...

Here is the street... You can see my mail box... See how high the snow is on it?

This is my lilac bush.. It stands about 6 foot tall.. CRAZY!!
Hope everyone has a great winter vacation... Looks like I will be watching as the boys shovel ALL DAY LONG!!! LOL
Did I mention they left the shovels on the lawn last night and when the hubs left for work at 4 am this morning and saw the snow and found NO shovels he was not to pleased... He drives a sports car and had to shovel with his hands... He even got stuck a couple of times while backing out.... So, the boys found the shovels FINALLY and are shoveling the driveway... Wish them luck... They need it!! LOL


  1. Oh my word...that is alot of snow. It is always nice to see snow on someone else blog. I do know how it feels to need just that one last day--then school is cancelled. Hope your kids got to take their teachers gifts you made, CUTE! Hope you have a Merry "WHITE" Christmas

  2. Now just one question....who was it that said on Black Friday as I was buying a snow blower...that they don't need one...they only have to shovel a couple of times..and it's no big deal...beat you'd love to use my snow blower now!!! LOL.... :o) glad it's you and not me, however, I don't do snow shoveling...the 'hubs' does!!!! Cheer up we're on the uphill swing...today is the shortest day of the year...yes, there is still 24 hours but we;re going to have more daylight each day..and before you know summer will be here!!! and the birds will be singing...picture that in your mind!!

  3. Wow, that is a ton of snow! Enjoy...We are at 81 degrees today!