Saturday, December 18, 2010

Better late than never!

So I have had all these plans for different posts to do the last few weeks... Well, the best laid plans do not always turn out like we want them too.... I still have been having LOTS of headaches from having my wisdom teeth out... It has now been 2 weeks since they were taken out and still having the headaches... Will it ever end? Then the other night I decided to head out to Walmart to buy a much needed fabric marker. I thought since the kids were at home with there dad I would take the time to just walk around and not have to talk to anyone or hear anything...... Then came the phone call.... Now I was only gone 30 minutes... So what happened you ask? My 8 yr old was having a pillow fight with the 3 yr old in the family room and this is the results of said pillow fight.... Yes, that is my 3 yr old with a broken elbow!!! I spent all day yesterday between the Dr. office, the hospital, and the Ortho surgeon. NOT FUN!!!
He is in really good spirits about it though. Just look at that smile... :O)

He thinks the sling is pretty cool... And is loving all the attention... He had a huge milestone this week also... He is potty trained... YEAH!!! He even taught himself to go #2 in the toilet... YEAH!!! With his broken elbow in the splint! What a smart little boy!! :O) My goal of no daily diaper changes for 2011 is DONE!!!!!
Now we just have to take him to Primary Children's Hospital on Wednesday to see if he needs to have surgery or just a cast... Please, let it be just a cast!!!
So, I was showing you a tour of our house for the holiday's and since Christmas is just, well, next Saturday I thought I better finish it up.. Here is the china cabinet in the living room.

I so want to paint it white!!! Think that will have to wait til spring though.. I did not get into too much decorating this year... Just did not feel good enough to do it.. Well, there is always next year... :O)

This is the start of my mercury glass collection... I got the hurricane at Fred Meyer in Idaho over Thanksgiving... 50% off!! The trees I got at Bed Bath and Beyond, for the hubbs birthday.. What am I not supposed to buy for myself on someone else's birthday? News to me!! :O)

The little votive's I got at Target for .99 cents... I also have bought some mercury glass ornaments but have not put those up yet.. Might just have to wait and do them next year..

I just love mercury glass... It is so aged, shiny, and makes me all happy inside.. :O)

This is one little nativity that I put out this year.. It is sitting on the little table that sits next to my front door.. I got that table in Michigan for $8 at the Goodwill. I need to paint it also.. White is starting to be my theme for the living room furniture.

I did happen to put a small tree up in the family room and let the kids decorate it.. Even the cat got in on the action....

Sorry, I have no pics of the tree. Forgot to take vertical pics!! oops!!
I decided to change my tree in the living room this year. We bought a slim tree and all new decoration. This is the top of the tree.. GORGEOUS if you ask me!!

Here is the whole tree... I love the colors and best thing is that all the ornaments are shatter proof.... Except the sign... that is ceramic...
I got everything from Sam's club.. They had some great Christmas decor this year....

Please ignore the no curtains hanging... I have the fabric but just have not had the chance to make them yet.. I hope to be getting to them very soon... So stay tuned...

So, please have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!!!

Merry Christmas!! :O)

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  1. It's the final countdown now!! Santa is checking his list twice-hee hee!