Friday, June 25, 2010

Secrets out!!!

Okay, I can finally tell all of you the secret the hubs has made me keep. Drum roll please........


The secret was so we could surprise one very special person.... My bestie Marilee!!! She rocks... We drove to her house first thing and I knocked on the door and her son answered. I whispered to him to get his mom... He made her come after much force... She opened the door saying come in then started screaming.... stopped long enough to yell my name then started screaming again....with a huge hug!!! It was so awesome!!!!!!!! Well worth keeping the secret!!!!!

We are happy to be back. But will miss our new friends we made in Michigan...

Now comes the fun/work time.... We came home finding that our renters had a dog in our house and let it pee all over our new carpet.... So we had to tear out the carpet and get it out before the movers came to deliver our belongings.... So lots of work... But that is okay... I have so many ideas/plans in the works... Moral to the story... Even when it is written in the lease that the renters can NOT have pets in your house they do not always abide by it.... BUT, now I am getting wood floors..... Yeah!!! That makes me happy.... I have been taking pictures so will be posting more and showing you before/after shots of my house.... So exciting.... Until next time.... Sorry this is so short... We just got the internet hooked up and hour ago.... So you see my priorities... Its you my little chic-a-dees.... :O)


  1. hey, my comment didnt' take.....glad to have you back in Utah...less miles for us to travel....can't wait for the scrapbook expo next spring...see you in september....Mom

  2. Welcome home to Utah! I am also in Utah and my best friend moved to Michigan a few years ago. I go out there once a year to visit and I know that I would never want to leave Utah! I love it here!!

  3. Yes, I am still in a little bit of shock even after a week! But I am so glad you are HOME!