Monday, March 22, 2010

Masterbedroom makeover phase one

So the hubs works nights and when it is his day off we are usually asleep when he is ready to tackle a project. That has been a huge downer for us in the past. Now that we have moved to Michigan and are renting this old house with a Michigan basement it gives us the perfect work space, which is far enough away from the bedrooms that we do not hear him. This is what it looks like right now.....
Now the hubs loves to fish but it was really cold and he hates ice fishing so he wanted something to do... This is where I come in. I am one of those wives that always has something up her sleeve. When I have given him gifts in the past for like Father's Day, Anniversary, or what ever the holiday there is always SOMETHING in it for me.... :O) Mine is the gift that just keeps giving (to me!). One time a few years ago I gave my hubby a 12 foot ladder, power washer and spray paint gun for Father's Day! Can I just say he loved them all until I pointed to the 5 gallon bucket of paint and said .... " Now go paint the house." And he did. It only took 4 hours start to finish. It was great and WE BOTH were happy. :O)
So now since it was cold and he wanted something to do I showed him the most fabulous blog EVER..... Ana is like the greatest person ever. She has made up plans for Pottery Barn furniture and gives them to you for FREE. All you do is print them off. They are step by step and you do not even need to own a saw. The boys at Home Dept, Lowes, and Menard's will cut your wood to the dimensions she gives you. You might have to pay a small fee for this. So far I have not been charged. This brings me to my master bedroom makeover. Now these pics are not very pretty (I had to take them while the hubs was sleeping...SHHHH do not tell him) so it was kind of dark since there was a blanket over the window. I know what was I thinking?

This is one of my new bed side tables. We adapted Ana's plans from the bench in the picture below to make these. I love them. He made he cubby extra deep so I can put my books and what ever in them and the kiddieos will not see what is in them. Then tend to always take my bookmarks out and loose my place. Hence why I always stop reading at the end of the chapter. It is easier to remember a chapter number than a page number. Don't ask me why?

This is the bench per Ana's design. The tops opens up too. How nice is that? I am thinking on putting a couple baskets on the bottom shelf.

Now this next project is what I have been waiting for our whole married life (13 years). The hubs took on the Farmhouse bed from Pottery Barn. Again, Ana has all the designs just waiting for you to use. Now Pottery Barn sells this for like $1499.00 and we only have like $150 in to it. We decided to use tongue and groove for it which brought the price up. Ana made hers for $120.

This is a king size bed. It took the hubs just a couple hours on 2 different nights to get it made. Now it is my turn. I will be sanding, painting, and aging the bed. I can hardly wait to get this puppy up to my bedroom. Hope you have enjoyed the pictures. I know I will have lots more to show you as we/I keep going on the makeover. Until next time..... Have a great week! :O)


  1. Wow! A very ambitious project - looks like things are coming along nicely!

  2. Great job Jason....Go Cubs..............

  3. stumbled on your blog via "skip to my lou"....and can i just say i LOVE-love-LOVE that headboard/footboard?! GORGEOUS.

  4. Looks fantastic!! I don't know if I have the chutzpah to try to make such a big project!

    I look forward to seeing the finished project. :)

  5. Can't wait to see the finished project. Remodeling is always a chore for me but I always love the outcome. Be blessed. Cindy

  6. Margo,
    This is a great project. I'm sure you're going to LOVE it all when it's complete. Be sure to post the "afters", can't wait to see it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That bed is going to be fabulous. Wow...I had to buy my bedroom furniture and you make it. That is amazing.

  8. Your bed is going to be so stunning...can't wait until you have it ready! Glad you came by my PARTY:)