Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Favorite DIY Project for March

Today is the Favorite DIY Project over at Beneath My Heart. I thought about what my favorite was and what everyone liked and commented the most on. And my baby food apothecary jars were the winners!!!
I thought i would show a kind of review of how they were made and what I have done with them for the Holidays.

To start off here is a picture of what I used to make them. I painted the finials and candle holders black let them dry then used Gorilla glue epoxy to hold them together. I hot glued some jute around the lids also and tied a ribbon around the finial to give it a little somethin somethin.

For Valentines day I found these red puffy glittered heart at Hobby Lobby and used them inside the jars... They are so cute!!!

For St. Patrick's Day I found these glittered shamrocks at JoAnn's and loved how they looked inside too.

For Easter/Spring I had bought some tiny eggs at Goodwill and painted them to look like robin's eggs. These are my FAVORITE EVA!!!!!

I just found this little platter at Goodwill and I just love the way it looks on the shelf behind the apothecary jars. Do you like? Let me know!!!

Here is a picture of the whole shelf. I am really liking it. Hope you are too.

Thanks for coming and finding out MY favorite DIY project. I hope it was your too.. Have a great week! :O)


  1. I LIKE! Very, very cute and imaginative. So good to hear from another Michigan blogger...thanks so much for stopping by Nouveau Stitch!


  2. Super cute! I love the mini size and all your sweet holiday stuffings!

  3. Luv your mini jars....soooo cute! Thanks for coming to NTT:)

    Happy Easter!

  4. Adorable. Love them. Be blessed. Cindy

  5. Very cool! I love them and the idea of changing out the contents for the seasons. I know my kids would love it and it's not the least bit cheesy, always a big plus.

  6. Oh my goodness, those are so cute! How creative :)

  7. So cute, I love those little jars. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Cute jars project! Love the shelf and especially the milk glass...I love milk glass.

  9. I love these! I want some!! I'm trying to figure out how I can get babyfood jars. I'm sure I know someone who has a baby!
    Thanks for the idea!!

  10. Those are so adorable! Great job! Thanks for linking up to my party.

  11. What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I just joined the mantel party. You are very clever, love the idea. Great mantel. Arborhouselane.blogspot.

  13. Love, Love, Love it all. You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

    Cha Cha

  14. BABY FOOD JARS?!?!? helooooo creative! I love them so much I just may stay here all day and swoon over them! L.O.V.E. them :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  15. I just want to say thanks for stopping by to see my mantel. Just a note, all 3 of my kids are under the age of 8, the youngest 3. They are still sticky, but the white slipcovers I throw in the wash, I can not do that with the couch underneith and the walls showed the dirt just as bad when they were green. When I discovered that I decided it was time to change the house to be more of me. Bit by bit each room has become more white and I love it all. I love all your ideas, I will be back to read more.

  16. Love this idea and since my youngest has just started solids we have plenty of these jars!

    :) Michelle