Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Well, it is officially winter here in Michigan. We have a snow day. I shoveled a path to the garage and drove the boys to Nate's school which was deserted so off to Colby's to make sure. Yep, it was too. Boy I should probably start watching the news in the morning. We did not have very many snow days in Utah. I here there are a lot more of them here. So I told the boys THEY get to finish shoveling the drive way. Yeah, that lasted like 3 minutes. They have been sledding in the back yard for almost and hour now. Oh, to be young and free of adult responsibilities. Have a great snow day everyone!!! :o)


  1. We should have had a snow day on Tuesday, but no such luck!

  2. You should check with you local televsion station since with mine they will text you when there are snow days off. It is really nice since I can keep the phone with me and know as soon as possible.