Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep in thought.......

I am sitting here looking at pics of the kids and realize my baby ( Cameron) is turning 2 next week. He is growing so fast. Jordan is potty trained finally and it seems like Cameron is starting to catch on to that. He keeps telling me when he does his business so I can change him right then. He even brings me clean diapers and wipes.

So as I am remembering the past I can not help but jump for joy that I am moving on to the next step. NO MORE BABIES!!!! This just makes me smile. :o)


  1. AWWWW What a feeling I am sure of, but I can not jump for joy until Tanner is out of diapers. But for now, we will keep plugging through.

  2. Holy cow! TWO? Time flies! But I still miss ya!

  3. Yay for potty training success!! I can't believe Cameron will be two, holy cow!!