Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School....

Well, the new school year is under way.  I have mixed emotions about it.  Yeah the kids are in school, but boo they are growing up so fast. 

 My oldest started 8th grade today.  He is becoming quite the young man.  He has a tough school schedule this year (trying to get him ready to take some AP classes in high school so he has honors math and honors English and is taking Spanish) and is playing football again. They want him to practice being the quarterback and is a wide receiver and safety and something else.  He also just earned his Star rank in the Boy Scouts.  Can you say busy?  And to top it off he is turning 14 in a few weeks.  Like I said, growing up way too fast.  I was not able to get a picture of him this morning before driving him to school so here is one I took over the summer (beginning of July).  He is so handsome...  Love this boy!!!

 Now, my next two kids started school today also.  They do not have to be there til an hour after my oldest so I was able to snap a picture of them.  My 10 yr old is in 5th grade will be starting to learn French this year in the new French Club starting September 6th.  We will be having 3 different languages spoken in our house this year.  HELP me know!!!  It will be crazy but fun.  He too will be playing flag football again this year.  He is such a sweet boy.  Love him too!

Then there is my only daughter!  Which is fine with me cuz she is a whole lotta DRAMA!!!!  She started 1st grade.  A whole day at school.  Yeah!  She was so excited to ride her bike to school AND eat lunch at school to boot.  The things that make her happy!  She cracks me up. She is growing so fast.  I am loving that she is finally into playing with Barbies.  Had to pull out the ones I saved from when I was a little girl and give them to her.  She turns 7 this year.  Hard to believe.  She is our Princess!  Love her bunches!

Our youngest starts kindergarten next week so I will be sure to snap a picture of him and share it with you.

Hope your week is great and that this new school year is a success for ALL of our children. :O)

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