Saturday, November 6, 2010

My how time flies!!!

It seems like just yesterday this precious little girl was turning 1... She is the sweetest thing... Always a smile on her face... Even with frosting all over it... I think this is when she decided she likes frosting more than the cake... This is her first Birthday...
And now... She turned 5!!!

She loves to dress up... Loves her hair to be curly, but not to sit and wait for me to put the curlers in.... :O(

She is so much fun... One of her favorites is to sing ALL. DAY. LONG. She even makes up her own words to songs... We are thinking of getting her into singing lessons... We shall see...

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!!

We had a little party with just our little family and she picked cheese cake for her birthday cake...

AHHH... Progress...

We had a Princess party for her a week later with her little friends... What fun they had... Everyone was to dress up as a princess...

I baked mini bundt cakes and let the girls decorate their own. They loved that!

They even got their nails painted...

If you look closely you can see my two boys (12 yrs and 8 yrs old)hands... They too got in on the action of nail painting.. I only let them have 2 fingers painted... Did I mention that we put glitter polish on all the girls/boys nail after the colored polish?

What a fun memory... Baby girl you are so worth it... I love you!! Happy Birthday!!

P.S. Her Birthday was actually in October but the hubs took my camera and switched out my
SD disk and put a new one in... I can not for the life of me get any of the pictures on that SD disk to import... AHHH!!! So I had to go looking for my old SD disk and these were some of the pictures that were on it... And lots more of some projects that I have been working on... Until next time... :O)


  1. To say that Jordan is cute is an understatement!!! She is not only pretty as a picture...but cute to boot!!! Love meme

  2. Hi Margo-
    Your daughter is a cutie. 5 years old - makes me smile. Mine are all grown up- it goes by way too fast. Looks like she had a fun day - and you did too.
    My best- Diane