Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last weeks endeavors

So sorry if have not posted in a while. I have been working on a few things.. Mainly dejunkifying my house.. I feel the need to purge everything.. Especially ALL the toys that the kids have accumulated over the years.. I have made 2 trips to the Goodwill and another one scheduled for this week... Progress!!! :O) I thought I would show you all what happens in our back yard EVERYDAY!!! Yeah, that's right... It is where all the deer come and bed for the night which does not help when you want to plant a garden... It just so happens this one came early (about 4 in the afternoon). she stayed there for quite a while until My oldest decided to slam the screen door.

On Friday evening the hubs and the boys headed out with a friend on his boat and see what they could catch on Lake Michigan.. Well, the score was 500 to the fish and only 3 to the humans. My husband does not have the best record with motion sickness... He is the one that fed the fish... Like 4 times at least... My boys were the ones that caught the fish...
Here they are Saturday morning (they did not get home til like 12:30 in the morning so cleaning the fish had to wait). The boys were so proud. Can you guess what we ate on Sunday?

That's right.... We ate fish... It is salmon so that made it alright... Which leads me to what I did today... We have 2 cousins getting married.. Well one got married this last week but, anyhoo... I started their wedding presents today...

What do you think? They are cookie jars with their name etched on with the est. year.... I hope they like them.. I sure do..

Sorry the pictures are not very good. But, you get the idea... I just cut some crap vinyl with my cricut and placed the negative side to the jar then applied the etching cream.. Waited 5 minutes and washed it off and pulled the vinyl off and there you have it... So easy!!
Hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial weekend. My nephew was able to come home from Afghanistan for some much needed R&R. We were not able to be there with him this weekend but our thoughts and prayers and tears are with him... He is by buddy! And I love him so very much!! Thanks Zach for serving our country and risking your life for us.... We love you!! :O)


  1. good blog....love the deer....you need to train her as your pet...yeah, right!!!
    we missed you too....wish you could have been here...but understand the reasons why!!!

  2. Liked your posts! Found you from New Friend Friday.