Thursday, May 13, 2010

Okay you Twilighters!!

Just thought I would let you in on what I have discovered on the Stephenie Meyer site. She started a 5th book in the Twilight series.. BUT, it was leaked out over the Internet (big surprise there) and so she has stopped writing it. She does not know when and if she will finish it. But she has made it possible for all of us Super fans to read it for free.. Is your head just a buzzing and your heart racing yet? I know mine is....

Go to and look under the Twilight Series section and you will see a tab on the left side that says "Midnight Sun" click on it (that is the tile of the 5th book) and read and she gives you the access to download (not print) the partial draft for free... It is like 264 pages long...

She also wrote another book that is a "novella" as she calls it that tells the story of "Bree Tanner" the newborn vampire in Eclipse. It is for purchase at right now for like $7-8 in hard back. But does not get released until June 5th. You can wait and read it for free on the Internet during June 7th thru July 5th at

This should hopefully get us all through the next month and a half until Eclipse comes out to the Theaters... Until then.... :O)


  1. Thanks my daughter follower Twilight and appreciates the link

  2. visiting from new friend friday! :) you have a beautiful family!

  3. Stopping by from NFFriday. I read part of the leaked 5th book. I can't remember why I didn't finish it. Maybe I should go check it out again. I am hopping the 3rd movie is better than the 2nd. I wasn't too impressed but, I really liked the first one. Stop by my blog and join if you have a chance.