Friday, March 26, 2010

Tag Blanket

I have been wanting to make these tag blankets that have been popping up all over blogland. My niece just had her first baby and I thought this was the perfect time to learn how to make one. I also have a friend that had a baby in January of this year and thought she would like one for her daughter so this is hers. I will be making the one for my niece next then it's on to a boy one for my sis-in-law who is due in June. I went searching through my stash of flannel and ribbon and found everything I needed. Yeah me!! :O)
First I needed to decide on the size blanket I wanted. I cut my pieces 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch square. Then I laid my pieces out the way I wanted them.

Next, I sewed 2 of them together right sides facing in. Then I repeated this on the next 2 pieces.

Next, I ironed the seams flat.

Then sewed the 2 strips together right sides facing in again. Then ironed that seam open.

This is what your front should look like.

Next, take your ribbons and cut them to be 4 inches long. Then fold in half and pin them to the right side of the front of the blanket all the way around. Leaving an open space at each corner. I will explain why a bit later.

After you have pinned all the ribbons sew them on.

This is what the front of your blanket should look like at this point.

Now cut your back piece the same size as the front and sew right sides facing. Leaving an opening for you to turn right side out. Make sure ALL the ribbons are facing in so they do not get caught in the needle.

Now cut the corners at an angle to allow for a square corner. This is why you left the corners open when you were pinning the ribbons on.

Next find your opening and turn the blanket right side out.

Poke your corners so they are square then sew the opening closed. This next step is totally optional. I sewed around each square just to define them.

And here is the final product. My completed blanket was 11x11 inches. You can make this any size you want. I really like how it turned out. They are super easy. If you can sew a straight line this is a project for you.

This was fun to take pictures of this project. I am left handed and can take pictures with my right while still working with my left. I know what you are thinking.... I am so amazing that you can hardly stand it. Well thanks for your praise... J/K ! You all are great and I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!!! :O)


  1. So what is your completed size? this is so cute...I'll have to go through my flannel and see what I can come up with...Your are so talented!!! it's really darn cute....

  2. You are so creative. Stopping by here from New friend friday.

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  4. I am happy to report I got my first two candle sticks today at goodwill! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I really need to take the time and make a set of these for baby gifts. October is a booming month for my friends... had better get sewing! Thanks so much!!!

    ~ Michelle @ FTSN

  6. I envy all of your cute, great projects---because I should be doing them with you! Remember when we installed shutters on your house? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!! That was soooo much fun! And that ladder we borrowed from the Grant's? That thing was so big we both had to carry it!! I love that memory.

  7. I just have to say one more thing.....I think a piece of me went with you when you moved, because I just don't feel the same with you not being my neighbor (yes, I admit, I'm still in mourning over the whole thing). I know, I know I should get over it, but I'm afraid I never will. You just understood me so well!!! I love you to pieces!! (now look, my eyes are welling up).

  8. Looks very soft and cuddly!


  9. How very cute! Excellent work!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

  10. That turned out so cute! My daughter has one of these and still loves it even though she's 5!!

    Thanks for linking!!
    Poppies at Play

  11. I'm so making this! I'm so excited that I found you today. I'm for sure a true blue follower now! So many ideas... where to start??

  12. Very cute! I think I might have to try making one of these!!! Thanks for linking up!