Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chore chart board!

Well, here it is. My chore chart board that I made all by my lonesome self. I think it turned out pretty good. I used only things I had so I had to be a bit creative. I love doing that. Want to know how I made it? Well let me tell/show you how. Follow me my little chic-a-dees!
This is where the magic happens ( I know what you all are thinking. Get your minds out of the gutter). I mean the creative magic happens. This is my work room (aka our Michigan basement). I love all the power tools. I even got a new cordless drill for Christmas this year. Everyone thought I was crazy for being sooooo happy about it. :O) But, I am still.

I found this piece of faux paneling (left over from the sitting room remodel someone did in this house we are renting) and thought it would work for what I had in mind.

Next I found these leftover pieces of some kind of molding.

I cut the paneling (with my miter saw ) to the size I wanted then cut the molding to fit the edges.

Next, I painted the molding black. This took 2 coats of paint. While it was drying I worked on what to put on the paneling to make it thick enough so I could put thumb tacks on it. Again, I used what I had. Which was... Cardboard.

I just cut the cardboard to size with my exacto knife then hot glued it to the paneling.

I cut some burlap to fit the board with a couple extra inches on each side and hot glued it to the paneling. Then I just hot glued the painted molding to the edges and it was complete.

So, what do you think? I sure like it. I am thinking of putting some different clips on it to hang the chore chart and chore cards. But that is for later.
I am going to link this post to for their- "I made it without my husband party" and to for her "Strut Your Stuff Thursday Party". Wish me luck that I link it properly. Why don't you head on over to visit these fine Ladies. I know you will just fall in love with them. Later my little chic-a-dees. Have a great Thursday!