Sunday, August 9, 2009

What to do between Thunderstorms?

So we have had some major thunderstorms the last couple days. We went to church this morning and when we got out it was 89 degrees with like 500% humidity. We thought we should take advantage of no rain for a few hours so we changed into swim suits packed a lunch and headed to Lake Michigan. It was so nice there. It is a lot cooler at the lake. We had fun playing in the water. Jason took the kids into the Big waves and they just squealed with glee. Let me tell you Lake Michigan is just like the Ocean. We had fun paying in the sand and just being together as a family. Boy, that makes for a great birthday weekend.
We left the beach and by the time we got home 40 minutes later a huge thunderstorm came our way. What good timing on our part.

Sorry, no pics. Left camera home. Next time for sure!

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  1. Oh Margo, Did I miss your birthday? What kind of friend am I anyway? Sheesh! Well, Happy Birthday! I miss you like brought balance into my life.