Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a deal!

Okay, so Jason had the day off the other day and we decided to head into Muskegon (the nearest large city with decent restaurants, malls, and everything else.) I saw a store I have not been in since 2000. It is called HOBBY LOBBY and I have always loved it. I went in it with Jordan and Jason took Cameron in to Target ( the older boys were in school.) I had so much fun. I came across these sculptures that I LOVE and have wanted since like forever. They just have always been a little pricey. Well, did I come in to the deal of a century. They had them on sale. They usually run $35 and up but I only paid between $1.19- $3.50 for all SEVEN I had to pick up some card stock, thread, needles, and distressing ink also but I only sent - Get this $41.66. Is that not awesome? I know you are all jealous and would like to have some of the sculptures and my great price but sorry the store only goes as far west as Colorado. But, If you just happened to have responded to my Lucky 5 post you never now. You could just end up with one? :o)

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