Friday, March 6, 2009

Normality is not a function in our lives!

Well, what can I type today? I am still trying to get over my cold. I hate coughing!!! The kids have half day of school today and will be home in just over an hour. Yikes! Jason is back on nights. At least he sees All the kids everyday now. Before (in Utah) he only say the little ones unless they were napping before he left for work.

I thought I would be ambitious and do some scrapbooking yesterday. Took about an hour or so to find what I needed (pics, cardstock, adhesives, embellishments, etc.) So I sat down and got 5, that's right 5 pages done. I was on a roll. Problem was that I had to clean it all up so I could fix dinner. I miss my scrapbook room soooooooooooooooo bad!

So the night went on and I got the kids bathed and in bed. Sat down to watch a show I have been wanting to watch for like 6 months. There I sat and it happened. Something flew, you read right, flew over my head. I looked up and saw nothing so I turned around and it did it again. This time I caught a better glimpses of it. I SCREAMED like a girl!!! it was a BAT!!! I kept screaming hoping Jason would magically hear me while he was at work and come and get it OUT of the house. Nate came out and saw it and told me to stop screaming. I asked him to turn on a light near the kitchen. He held a towel over his head and swung away which did not help. The bat flew by his head and its wing touched his face. He screamed louder than I did. Started to cry and would not stop. The bat flew down to the basement (which we do not use, its more for storage not living, its yucky I think.) So Nate was so scared he would not stop crying so I let him sleep with me. Jason got home at 6:30 am and looked for that bat could not find it so he went to bed. So now the town Sheriff is in the basement with my broom and a really big flashlight and leather gloves checking every nook and cranny for that bat. He owns the house we are renting. So I guess you can really say he is our protector. What a nice guy.

So see nothing is very normal here in Michigan. Not that that's bad or anything!!! LOL


  1. Dang that bat, poor Nate, all he was trying to do was help is fraidy cat mom! Although a cat would've probably had a good time trying to get that bat. Cat... bat... I'm even rhyming this morning.

    We had quite the wind storm the other day! Didn't see it coming so Ross rode the Harley to work, the wind kicked up. Coleman and McKay were throwing their stuffed animals into our windmill to watch them catapult every which way. Your shed in the carport blew across the concrete right over where the Harley would've been parked! I tell ya, I don't know what you guys have against us and our vehicles - hee hee : )

  2. Okay, I would have screamed as loud as you and ofcourse I would have been looking over my shoulders for the entire night and day! I am so glad to hear you are doing good in Michigan. I miss you, and yes your kids are very cute. You guys are going to have your hands full with your cute daughter.

  3. A bat? I grew up with bats in our attic. They're not scary just smelly (they do carry diseases, though). Okay, so it's alright that your "friendly" bat startled you. It made for great story! Did you ever exterminate it?)

    Your blog picture makes me miss your faces--cutie patooties!!