Friday, January 16, 2009

Where's the OFF button?

So here I am at the local coffee shop drinking a toasted marshmallo hot chocolate that is so yummy. Jason came home from work early to day and said get out of here. So I did. You see I have not been myself the last couple weeks. This move has been much harder on me that I thought it would. But I have my things around me and kids are in school which they love. Every day things are getting better.

The kids love having a hill in our back yard to sled on. It snows everyday so there is PLENTY of snow for them. They love their schools. Nate is at a school for 4th and 5th grades and Colby is a school for 1st-3rd grades. Colby loves that there is a sledding hill at his school and they provide the sleds. They like their teachers and are making friends. Nates' school has a big field behind it that is next to our house that we are renting. We are on about and acre of land. Yeah us!

My days start out like this...wake up at 7 am get kids up, dressed, eating breakfast, pack lunches, then its out the door at 7:30 to shovel the driveway and clean off the cars and get them started to warm them up. Did I mention it is REALLY cold here and wont stop snowing? i got back in side to make sure the kids have finished eating, have them brush their teeth, comb their hair and put snow clothes on then its in the car and off to school. Nate starts at 8:07 am and Colby starts at 8:18 am. I take both of them right now because of all the SNOW.

Church is interesting... We are in a branch. We had to laugh when they were REALLY excited to have 60 people there. RS had 16 ladies and it was packed. They have 1 priest and 1 teacher and no deacons. Nate said " I like church here better." I asked why? "Because in Payson we sang all the time and her we only sing a little and then we just learn about the WORD OF GOD." Maybe it is finally going to sink in that church is a good thing.

So here I am asking the same question to myself...I there an off button for the snow? Enough is enough. I am ready for warm weather....Well at least I can have that in my dreams. Maybe?


  1. I thought we were getting alot of snow--guess Michigan has way more! Hang in there, girl! Glad to know the boys like school and I guess the people in your branch will soon be your best friends(since there's not too many of them--how nice is that?!?!) But there's many in Payson who sure do miss you! Me, for one!!!! I love ya and glad to hear things are smoothing out. How's the house hunting?

  2. I have been thinking of you in all the deep freeze. I am glad that you are settling in and making a home for you and your family. I miss hearing from you, but I am sure we will catch up when you catch up with life. Hang in there--Dedra

  3. You need to take the "How to Post Pictures" tutorial!! Us utahns need pics!

  4. Hey there! I didn't know you had a blog! I saw your comment on Marilee's blog so I thought I'd come over to check it out. They did change the RS presidency too, just so you know. They had to since they called Coleen Lundquist as the new YW pres. Send me an email to and I'll invite you to my blog. Love ya & miss ya around here!! Sarah Anthony