Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Haulies!

Well, the packers came and I was ready. They packed my house in ONE day-I was not ready. Packed half of my belonging in the REALLY big moving truck in front of my house- definitely not ready for it. House pretty much empty, no dishes, no food, no washer or dryer-yeah no laundry to do. At least we still have the TV in our room for one more night-catching up on NCIS from Tuesday night.

So I guess this means that I really am moving this week. Oh, my life is like something I have not known before/or do not want to remember from my past. So on to the new adventure.


  1. Those movers were QUICK!! Darn it!! I love ya!

  2. We'll miss you guys! Good Luck!! McKay and Coleman wanted to come over this morning to say goodbye to Colby and Nate... The trailer was there but no Blues to be found. We need an address, Coleman made Colby a Christmas/going away card.